Heter-LP is an algorithm for label propagation in heterogenous networks. 


The source code is uploaded here.

Android app: monitoring the growth of children

An android application for monitoring the growth of children based on standard charts. Under the supervision of pediatrics specialists.

ADQUEX federated query processing

ADQUEX is a SPARQL federation engine for linked data to execute the query effectively without any need to prior statistical information. This method can change the query execution plan at runtime so that less intermediate results are produced, and it can also adapt the execution plan to new situation if unpredicted networklatencies arise. The Java source code is available upon request.

FuzzyRCC for PostGIS

Analyzing huge amounts of spatial data plays an important role in many emerging analysis and decision-making domains such as healthcare, urban planning, agriculture and so on. For  extracting  meaningful  knowledge  from  geographical data, the relationships between spatial data objects need to beanalyzed. An important class of such relationships are topological relations  like  the connectedness or  overlap  between  regions. While real-world geographical regions such as lakes or forests do not have exact boundaries and are fuzzy, most of the existing analysis  methods  neglect this inherent  feature  of topological relations.  In this paper, we propose a method for handling the topological relations in spatial databases based on fuzzy region connection calculus (RCC). This project is an implementation of fuzzy RCC in  PostGIS spatial  database. The PostgreSQL source code is available upon request.


The accuracy of the basic Fuzzy C-Means clustering is subject to false detections caused by noisy records, weak feature selection and low certainty of the algorithm. AD-FCM is a novel algorithm for detecting such ambiguous records in FCM by introducing a certainty factor to decrease the invalid detections. It allows sending the detected ambiguous records to another discrimination method for a deeper investigation, thus increasing the accuracy by lowering the error rate. Most of the records are still processed quickly and with low error rate, preventing performance loss compared to similar hybrid methods. The MATLAB code is available here.

GGeo Spatial Data Mining

An evolutionary approach to spatial data mining based on the MOSES engine from the OpenCog framework. It also provides a plugin for GeoKettle to perform spatial ETL operations using fuzzy region connection calculus. The source code is available from GitHub here.

Peer to peer Privacy Preserving Query Service

A novel query-based approach to protecting the privacy of users in location-based social networks. This approach tries to dispel the privacy concerns with minimum loss of the quality of service with no  security bottleneck. The Java source code is uploaded here.